Youngstown Crime Stoppers

Solving Problems, Solving Crime

309776628_462216455935946_1968535796706311732_nNearly everyday we hear or read about a new crime that police need the public’s help to solve. But all too often, people who are in the position to help the police are reluctant to come forward.  Youngstown Crime Stoppers helps by providing a vital link between law enforcement and the general public by “Working Together to Solve Crime.”

Crime Stoppers Keep Identities Secret

Crime Stoppers has a secure telephone hot line, 330-746-CLUE (2583), to receive anonymous tips. This line is managed by a non-law enforcement program coordinator. Crime Stoppers assigns each caller a code number to protect their identity – forever.  At no time during the crime reporting or reward payment processes are you required to provide identification or reveal your identity.  Crime Stoppers is anonymous. 

Rewards Paid for Your Crime Tip

Youngstown Crime Stoppers gives out thousands of dollars in reward money every year. Get involved now and receive reward money for helping to fight and deter crime in our community. To receive a monitory reward, call 330-746-CLUE (2583) and report your crime now. Your call will be answered by a live operator who will guide you through the tip reporting process.  *Remember, Youngstown Crime Stoppers is an anonymous reward program that never reveals the source of their information  (even to law enforcement).

CALL NOW:  330-746-CLUE (2583)

or send an online tip Here