FBI Crimes Against Children

caclogoThe Mahoning Valley Crimes Against Children Task Force (CAC), an FBI-funded initiative, was established in 2013. The task force was formed to address the thousands of children that become victims of crime each year in the Mahoning Valley and elsewhere in our Country —whether it’s through kidnappings, violent attacks, or sexual abuse, or online predators.

The mission of our Crimes Against Children Task Force and the nationwide FBI program is threefold: first, to decrease the vulnerability of children to sexual exploitation; second, to develop a capacity to provide a rapid, effective, and measured investigative response to crimes against children; and third, to enhance the capabilities of state and local law enforcement investigators through programs, investigative assistance, and task force operations.

Our strategy involves using multi-disciplinary and multi-agency teams to investigate and prosecute crimes that cross legal, geographical, and jurisdictional boundaries; promoting and enhancing interagency sharing of intelligence, specialized skills, and services; and widely offering our victim/witness services. All for the express purpose of protecting our nation’s greatest asset—our children.

If you know about child exploitation in our community, please call the Youngstown FBI office at 330-965-2940 or submit an online tip here.

Other Resources to report the location of a missing child or child exploitation:

The Crimes Against Children Task Force (CAC) is located with the Mahoning Valley Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF), the Mahoning Valley Law Enforcement Task Force (LETF), and the Mahoning Valley Crisis Response Team (CRT).

Current members include:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Youngstown Resident Agency
904 Sahara Trail, Suite 3
Youngstown, Ohio 44514
(330) 965-2940 or
(216) 522-1400 (24-hour)

Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department
110 Fifth Avenue
Youngstown, Ohio 44503
(330) 480-5000